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In this exciting episode David and Marty meet fellow podcaster, Luke from the Minute Doctor Who Podcast, and arrive in London to discover it is completely deserted. Later we discover the town has been completely over run... by DINOSAURS! Join us as we stun these Jurassic giants in the Jon Pertwee story Invasion of the Dinosaurs! Also the climactic return of High Speed Reviews, we also read listener feedback email, discuss dvd extras, target novelization, and the strange weather themed apocalypse. So join us for a jam packed episode 77 of Hoo on Who as we smash coffee mugs, sneak past dinosaurs and watch Harvey Dent become Two Face! Life finds a way dear listeners!


Next DVD Reviewed is.....

Next time on Hoo on Who, Join David and Marty as we watch Adric clean out the craft services table in the Peter Davison story Black Orchid!

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